There are many reasons why many men are not keen on owning two or more suits, aside

from the fact that is expensive, they think that there are limited occasions where the formal

ensemble is worn. Fortunately, the wearability of suits has significantly improved over the

years. With the right pairing, you can now use the fashion piece anytime you want.

Here are the ways on how you can wear the outfit that you love to hate!

Not your typical full suit outfit.


  •  The most typical way to wear a suit is by pairing it with a button down and tie. To ditch the

monotony of the outfit, you ass accessories such as tie pins and pocket squares.

  • You can wear snickers with your full suit to turn it into a business casual outfit. It is best to

wear the ensemble without the tie to maintain the consistency of the look.

  •  Cotton, Khaki, and solid gray suits can be paired with a T-shirt to turn it into a daily wear.

You can wear the cool outfit in the office or late night parties.

  • A dress shirt plus your full suit sans the tie is an elegant pairing but less formal than the

classic full suit and tie. Do not wear a dress shirt with a sturdy collar because it can make

your formal attire look stuffy.

  •  If you are going out on a warm weather with a suit, wear it with a polo shirt. It will prevent

you from being drench with sweat while wearing layers of clothing on a sunny day.


Fancy Jacket and Pants Combination:

The jacket is quite versatile. You can pair it with jeans and chino and still look sharp and

dapper without being too formal. During fall and spring, where layering is required, you can

wear your suit jacket with button down, jeans and cardigan. The trio will provide warmth and

comfort when you take an outdoor walk.


Trendy Tops for Your Trousers:


The formal pants like the jacket can stand on its own. However, choosing the right pair of

shoes and blaze is crucial. Cardigan of sweater paired with a button down are safe choices.

You can also pair a leather jacket with your pants but make sure to wear a Henley and not a

regular tee to make the rugged outfit work.

The misconception with suits should stop once and for all. The formal wear is fashionable,

and it deserves to be cared properly and worn more than a few times. Do not miss the

opportunity to look better every day, get out of your comfort zone and be fearless with fashion!


Marie Miguel is a fashion blogger and contributor to blog. 

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