Brief Introduction

Welcome to the official site of FOS Image UK. We are a global brand of image consultants and personal branding experts  who help people and corporations build a strong brand while promoting a positive image that ensures  they stand out from the crowd.

In our organisation, we understand corporate and personal image, executive presence, business image, and personal styling more than any other organisation.

We work with clients in all major sectors of the economy while helping politicians, celebrities, public speakers, HR consultants, and media personalities to edge ahead of the curve. Our strengths lie in the strong partnership and collaborations with partnership firms across the globe.

So, when it comes to corporate and personal image issues, #SpeakToUs?

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Happy Clients

”For me, promoting my corporate brand is that small detail I need to attract opportunities. I wanted my brand to build trust in my clients, for the trust to build loyalty and for the loyalty to yield competitive advantage. I approached FOS Image UK and we both created a brief which tallies with my budget. My relationship with FOS Image UK is ongoing as I value people who help me succeed”

Amy Smith, Luxury designer

”I have only had a private consultation with FOS Image UK recently. I attended two of their seminars on visual credibility in Manchester. Their style of delivery was so easy and straight forward. They delivered their training with practical examples. I will always recommend them to individuals or organizations who might want to train their employees on the impact of image”

Tony Armstrong, Derbyshire